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About Mid-Atlantic Insulation

Mid-Atlantic Insulation (MAI) is a full service commercial and industrial insulation contractor with over 35 years of combined field and project managing skills. We service customers within the Virginia and Washington, DC areas and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are among the first in this region to offer an 18 month warranty in lieu of the industry standard 12 month period, for all applications of installed products. This extended warranty requires following closely manufactures' specifications, with attention to details and finishes.

Our application method provides the highest level of integrity for each insulated system. For our customers, this means high quality products, installed by safety conscious techs, that exceed expectations. Within the marketplace, many have lost pride in craftsmanship and adopted a mentality of "just enough to get by". We still believe in the core of values and standards that were once the foundation of free enterprise; integrity, honor, respect and a spirit of excellence. We also believe that people and customers alike still deserve these standards and we will strive to stay within these values.

Our Expertise:

  • MAI specializes in all phases of mechanical and commercial insulation for piping, HVAC duct, and low temperature refrigerated systems. Our specialties also include industrial multi-layer insulation for steam & condensate piping, boiler and breaching insulation, expansion tanks, storage tanks and other high temperature equipment. We also provide a full range of finishes for all commercial and industrial products: various aluminum jacketing textures, stainless steel jacketing, and PVC finishes. These finishes providing protection from harsh chemical and caustic environments, protection from weathering elements, and enhanced aesthetic appearance.

  • Where heat tracing is required, MAI provides and install constant watt, self-regulating, thermostatic controlled, and high temperature MI cable. All of our heat traced applications are designed and engineered for each individual system. All connections and continuity testing are done by our licensed electricians and are labeled for personnel protection. For specialized applications, we also fabricate and install internal traced pads directly localizing heat to a specific area.

  • When it comes to firestopping requirements, MAI techs are fully trained by 3M and certified in through penetrations and joint seals. We provide the classification and hour rating necessary to conform to plans, specifications and building codes.

  • MAI fabricates and installs removable insulated pad covers. These covers are custom sewn with Velcro attachments for installation on equipment, valves, flanges, and wherever needed for preventive maintenance access.

Associations & Certificates:

NIA Logo Certificate
  Active members of National Insulation Association (NIA)
3M Logo Certificate
Certified 3M firestopping products applicator

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Mid-Atlantic Insulation (MAI) is a full service commercial and industrial insulation contractor with over 35 years of combine field and project managing skills. We service customers with-in the Virginia and Washington, DC areas and through-out the Mid Atlantic region.

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